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Editing and Proofreading Samples

There is no one that can write perfectly, we all make mistakes in our writing and there are often better ways that we can express ourselves than what we initially write. A good example of editing text can provide you with a vast amount of help with understanding how to improve your own writing and bring it up to a standard that will impress your readers, all you need to do is to leave a paraphrase my paragrah request if you want to skip doing it on your own.

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Good editing and proofreading samples allow you to quickly see how to make your writing meet the expectations of your reader. Submitting writing that contains issues will result in you receiving grades that are significantly lower than you deserve. It could also result in you having your work rejected outright or having it returned to you for revisions to be made.

Whether you are looking for an example of editing a paragraph first grade or need support with your final thesis or dissertation our services are able to support you. We can offer you everything from line editing samples and a single sample paragraph for editing to a full editing service for your paper. All of our support is provided through highly skilled and certified experts that are dedicated to providing you with effective support.

How Can Our Proofreading Samples Help You?

paper formatting Seeing an example of editing text or proofreading along with good academic editing tips will help you to better understand how you can produce effective and well-written papers. Our examples will quickly show you just what is considered poor writing and how it can be improved. Not only will this help you to submit a good piece of work now it will also help you with further improving your own writing skills for future work.

Some Proofreading Text Examples

Seeing what you do wrong within your own writing is often the quickest way to see just how you can improve. The following are some short sentences and phrases that contain issues along with the corrected versions so that you can see how the issues are corrected:

“Due to the fact that editing and proofreading takes so long, many people avoid it.”
This is simply too wordy and should be: “Because editing and proofreading take so long many people avoid it.”
“Really bad editing is not effective.”
Using weak adjectives should be avoided. This should be “Terrible editing is not effective.”
“The two best points about the editing was the word correction and the transitions.”
This has an incorrect subject-verb agreement and should be: “The two best points about the editing were the word correction and the transitions.”
“The tutor still gave an excellent grade for the writing. Despite the errors.”
Sentence fragments should be avoided: “Despite the errors, the tutor still gave an excellent grade for the writing.”
“I can’t belive its not correct”
Incorrect spelling and use of its and it’s (it is): “I can’t believe it’s not correct.”

Remember, as Penn Arts & Sciences inform us:

“Great writing is hard to learn. Good writing is not. All of us have some bad habits that are easily corrected once we understand what they are.”

We Can Help with Your Proofreading and Editing

ideal writingWhether you need someone to “paraphrase my paragraph” or support with your paper formatting our specialized academic services can help you. All of our editing and writing help is provided through subject qualified experts that have many years of experience with helping students across all subject areas and levels in their education. We always carefully match you to your editor to ensure that you will always get the best results through our support.

All work is plagiarism free and will only contain original content. We also provide you with free proofreading and formatting on all other services and will always deliver full satisfaction on time every time.

If you want to achieve the level of writing shown in our editing and proofreading samples just contact us here today!

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