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100% Viable Academic Editing Tips

correct citingThe difference in grades between a well-written paper and one that is poorly written but still contains the same information can be huge. Your tutor will mark down work that contains writing errors and poor writing even if you have covered the actual task perfectly. It is vital to revise and edit the text you have written so that you present it in the very best form possible if you want to get the grades that you need.

Good academic editing tips are able to help you to better understand just how your writing needs to be improved to get those impressive results that you have been dreaming of. Finding issues within your own writing is often very difficult and most students and other writers need help with sentence editing. People are likely to overlook even glaringly obvious problems because they are simply too familiar with what they intended to write.

Our editing and paraphrasing services have been supporting students with their writing for more than 5 years and are able to provide you with all of the help and advice that you need to ensure that your work will be completed perfectly. Our staff are highly qualified certified editors and fully understand the best methods to use to ensure that your work is correctly edited and proofread so that you get the grades that you need. With our support and editing proofreading tips, you can be sure that your writing will read well and be free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

The Best Academic Editing Tips

Our tips on editing text will help you to better understand how to approach the task of improving your writing so that you can better your grades and ensure that work is accepted without problems. You will often find that revising and editing your work will take more time than the actual writing. The following are our professional tips to edit the text so that it will meet the reader’s expectations:

  • Firstly look at the big picture; have you actually answered the prompt that was posed for your writing if there was one.
  • Look at the structure of your writing, have you got a clear introduction with a thesis, supporting information detailed within the main body, and a clear conclusion that refers back to the thesis?
  • Check at the overall flow of your writing and then the transitions between the paragraphs contained within it to ensure that it flows logically and smoothly.
  • Does each paragraph contain a single idea? No paragraph should cover multiple subjects.
  • Use your computer to check grammar and spelling; it will not find every issue within your writing but it will highlight many of the most obvious issues for you to correct.
  • Look at the choices of words that you have used, are they really the most suitable, are there alternatives that would be more effective within your writing.
  • Are the sentences short and to the point? Avoid long and run on sentences within your writing.
  • Do you need to change text to avoid plagiarism, have you used correct citing when giving credit for the ideas and words of others through quotation or paraphrasing?
  • Read the text out loud and listen to how the sentences sound, this is a very effective way to highlight awkward sentences and many other mistakes such as incorrect word usage.
  • Review the formatting that you have used; is it correct for the academic style that you have been tasked with using.
  • Proofread your writing very carefully to ensure that you have eliminated all spelling and grammatical errors. Often it is best to print out your writing in a larger than normal font and touch each word as you review it. Also try reading through your writing backwards as more errors will stand out.

This piece of advice from the University of Pennsylvania will also help you:

“Finally, you may at some point want to seek professional assistance.”

Use Our Expert Help for Correcting Mistakes in a Paragraph

grammar and spelling mistakesHaving your work expertly edited will not only ensure that you will be able to submit excellent work that will get you the results that you need. It will also help you to improve your own writing style as you will be able to see the mistakes that you commonly make and will be able to take corrective action.

Our editing and proofreading specialists provide a full satisfaction guarantee or we will return your money. All work is completed on time and is delivered to you with a full plagiarism report to confirm that your writing is unique.

If you simply don’t have time to follow our academic editing tips just get in touch with one of our highly qualified paragraph editors!

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